Growing Process

The Life of a Christmas Tree

January – March:

Land previously used for growing trees is prepared for the up-coming year.

Firstly, tree roots are ‘stump-grinded’ up to 15-20cm depth.

Secondly, subsoiling takes place, followed by chisel-ploughing and harrowing. Rabbit proof fencing is then constructed around the perimeter of the field to protect trees from damage.


Our 20 cm tall hand-selected seedlings are transplanted. These transplants are planted in 12cm wide beds and are separated by a central track to allow access and prevent damage from our boom sprayer.

Annually, we aim to plant two trees for every tree we have harvested in the previous year. We plant up to around 4,000 seedlings per acre.


First application of fertiliser is applied to the base of each tree by hand to encourage growth and prevent spider mite and aphid damage. Fertiliser is applied at 200kg/ha. Minimalising the quantity of fertiliser applied prevents ‘scorching’ of tree foliage and limits the effects on biodiversity within the trees.

First grass and weed control takes place, including mowing and strimming.


‘Bud-nipping’ of trees over 4 years old. In this process, existing buds are removed from branch ends to encourage new growth and filling out of tree.

Application of hormone to the leader (the fairy branch) with ‘top-stop’ pliers to limit excessive growth at the top of the tree. Again, this process ensures your tree looks full from top to bottom.


Second and final application of fertiliser. Application of 200Kg/ha of Nitrogen to improve the colour of the tree.

Second grass and weed control takes place, including mowing and strimming.


All trees are marked with different coloured labels, indicating varying quality and size of trees.


Potted trees are lifted from the ground with our specialist DAMCON® Tree-Spade. The root ball of each tree is surrounded by its original soil when it is securely located in the pot. Trees are then watered and are containerised ready for sales.


Phase cutting of trees for wholesale and retail trade. Our trees are cut in stages and are left in the ground for as long as possible to ensure your tree is freshly cut, just days before your arrival.

*Christmas trees grow just under a foot a year. That means if you buy a 6 foot tree, it has been in our ground growing for at least 7 years!!!

Tree Marking: